Thursday, 19 May 2016

Walking Around

There is nothing like a walk to clear your mind and help you focus. During  my lunch break I have taken to going out for a short walk, it gets me away from the office & allows me to stretch my legs.

I had never considered taking my camera with me. There is nothing beautiful around where I work, as I am on a large industrial estate. Then I opened my eyes and looked around me, just because the area is not picturesque it doesn't mean that there is not beauty and there is always a story to be told.  

out of curiosity I took a look on Google maps to view the local, I'm not that familiar area.
I am not a local, commuting almost 20 miles to work and I have only worked there around 6 months. Having taken the train to work previously I knew the river was close by, I just want aware of where about it was and how close it was. Google revealed it is less than 10 minutes walk away. filled with hope and excitement off i went with my camera and found the river. 

My camera has some funky creative features which I thought I would try out (its worth pointing out at this stage I have not really used my camera and never had a bridge camera before so its all new to me). 

After taking a few pictures I managed to mess up all the settings and it was game over!!! I did manage to capture a few pictures though...

This gorgeous horse was tethered on a small grass verge and he looked a little sad and lonely. Don't tell anyone but I had an apple in my pocket which I gave to him. He seemed grateful.

I love narrow boats, and the river had plenty of them around.Narrow boats evoke memory's of watching Rosie & Jim as a child.

The gorgeous River Don

This is the gatehouse for the boats

There was the threat of rain on the horizon but I managed to dodge the showers as I walked along the river bank.

There is beauty every where, even if its just a flower border or a beautiful river filled with activity. I will now keep my camera in my bag as I learn to use the different settings. 

If you can take your lunch break and go for a walk, take a look around you and you may be surprised.

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  1. What great phptographs! You have certainly captured the beauty of the area, and it is amazing what you can see if you really open your eyes. Wishing you many more hapoy lunchtime walks! X


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