Friday, 29 April 2016

Eugene is my New best friend!

It is true when they say sock knitting is addictive! patience is required though, especially when you are a slow knitter like me. I don't get a lot of knitting time these days and what little time I do get is diminishing fast as other things take over so when a pair of socks is produced I have a sense of delayed gratification. 

Coop Knits socks are especially good. I own her 2 sock books and I don't think there is a sock in either of the books I don't want to knit. I have knit the Dave socks (re named the eventually socks) for Mr M. Now the latest addition to the sock collection is Eugene socks this time for me. As with all of my latest projects they have been awhile in the making, I started them in February (so not my oldest project).

Coop knits socks are so gorgeous the only issue with them is that, other than the Dave sock, they are all patterned and there is very little plain knitting so they require a lot of concentration. The end results are simply amazing though! 

I have been very good and used stashed yarn (something I am trying to do a lot this year).Eugene was made with Old Maiden Aunts, handpainted yarn in 100% superwash merino. The colourway was Cold sheep. I have had this yarn for a little over a year now and Eugene seemed the perfect pairing for it. The colour of the yarn on these socks is spectacular, I think that coop knits socks require a solid/ semi solid colour way so that the pattern of the sock stands alone looking amazing. 

I am continuing with my WIP down so no new sock cast on for me until I have finished a few things from the basket of WIP's! 

Thursday, 28 April 2016

An Economy Run By Robots

Sebastian is working hard!
For some time now there has been concerns over the rise of robots in manufacturing plants and taking over the repetitive jobs that we do. Workers have concerns over what this means for them in the work place, reducing the amount of work for humans, however industry argue that through the cost savings business make and the increased productivity that full time employment will increase due to the rise in output. 

For me though, it could be argued that the economy is already run by robots. Today's company's expect more and more from their employees. Zapping creativity and individuality leaving very little energy for themselves at the end of the working day/week. In this way it could be argued that employers are in fact already employing robots because we as employees go to work everyday and loose out individuality, our creativity and our lives, Since we spend pretty much more time at work than we do with out loved ones.

I myself get up for work on a Monday morning and go through the same routines throughout the working week acting like a robot, I fight against it but at the end of the day I have very little energy left for myself and have given over Monday to Friday for work as I am capable of little else. I feel like a robot! 

The reality is that I am not a robot I am someone that at the heart of it, like everyone else, has the ability to be far more than I currently am and the world we live in in suffocating me. I work so that I can live but I believe that work is taking over all of our lives! 

One day this robot may find away to become a full time human being!

(Sebastian the Robot is a little fella that I made using Sara from Annaboo's House pattern. I used Rico creative cotton & he is super simple to make.)

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

When you don't know what to say

Get yourself & brew and settle down in a chair because I have eventually managed to write a blog post (shock horror!))!

It is no secret than when a space (lets say this blog) is left abandoned, unloved, lets be honest, totally neglected, that no one visits any more assuming (usually correctly) that no one resides there any more.

The longer it is left the harder it is to return, not knowing what to say any more.  The period in which you are absent gives you time to reflect and wonder why you wrote in the first place, do people really care what you write about?

So little house on the corner has been left for some time now, why? Well we could say work commitments, family life and many other excuses but the reality is that a sample lack of enthusiasm and anything to say. 

So rather than concerning myself with what has been I thought it best to start a fresh and dive straight in, joining in with A Yarn Along.

I love to read and find little time for reading an actual book, I do listen to audio books more and more these days. That said I am reading A proper physical book by Gretchen Rubin called 'Better Than Before'. The book tackles the issue of how habits are formed and broken. Appealing to two elements of my personality it is an addictive read. The marketer in me loves to understand why people behave the way that they do and then the control freak that I can sometimes be loves to understand why I do what I do. The book is informative and enjoyable, the only negative I have on it is that I find sometimes there is what I would call Filler content to pad the book out but ultimately I find it an intriguing read. 

One side is complete!

In terms of projects, I have not been that productive this year, I am currently on a WIP down, I have dragged out all my WIPS from my basket. I have decided that before I cast on anything new I need to finish a few things. Next in the firing line is my Peachy crochet top. I have been working on this since the 28th December 2015, then other things come along so it got pushed to one side. This week I have finished my Wispy cardi (Posted about it here) and my Eugene socks. I hope to show you these in the coming days as I get back into this blogging business!