Thursday, 11 June 2015

Weekend WIP Along #4

Did you have a good week?

Did you join in the Weekend WIP Along last week? why not add your blog link to the link up below so we can see what you have been doing and see your projects?

Last week I was looking at working on my Tsunami socks and a embroidery project I discovered in the depths of my craft room.

We took a trip out in Daphne (our caravan) to a lovely place near Malton called Helperthorpe. It was nice to be away from it all and spend some time with the family. The weather wasn't the best with high winds hampering our plans to get out in the countryside. My knee is causing me some issues and I struggle to walk around, so when Mr M and little lady took a little time to go and explore the local area I spent some time in the caravan relaxing and of course knitting. This time knitting has meant that my sock is almost finished! yes that's right, almost finished! this of course has meant that I did no work on my little embroidery project.

Tsunami Socks

Don't you find that when you really get close to the end of a project you feel a need to get it finished and keep working on it! I feel a little addicted to my knitting and the thought of new projects is really spurring me to finish the socks.

So still on the go I have the Old Growth cardigan, the embroidery project and my socks. I will this weekend Finish (yes I said finish!) my socks and after that any other craft work is a bonus.

The starlings of the 2nd sleeve on Old Growth

I know that this weekend I am going to realise lots of time for knitting or even spinning. Mr M is heading off to Download today with his friends so its just little lady and me (and my mum). I am hoping that this weekend I will finally get some pictures of my completed hap so that I can show you.

so what are your weekend wip along plans? I hope you can join in the fun.


  1. Sorry to hear your knee is causing you problems. What a beautiful soft shade of wool you are using for your cardigan X

    1. knee will be sorted very soon Penny, I am going into hospital to have it fixed :)
      Thank you its a lovely yarn to use I have to say.
      Hope you are well


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