Friday, 5 June 2015

Weekend WIP Along #3

did you manage to get much of your projects completed over the last week?

I have at last finished my lovely big hap for the #hapalong. As yet I have not shown it to you or posted about it as it is currently pinned out on towels underneath my dining room table! The hap is that big it does not fit on my blocking boards so I had to find some other means of blocking it. I hope to share a ta dah with you in the next few days, when the weather has brightened up enough for me to take some pictures.

For now here it is blocking.

I managed to cast on the second Tsunami sock as well although only managed to knit the cuff and one pattern repeat but that is progress right? and I have not worked on the little ladies cardigan at all this week.
I have worked on it more than this now with 3 full pattern repeats completed.

For the coming weekend and maybe week ahead if I get the time I want to make some progress on the second sock as they have been a wip for a little too long really and maybe manage to knit the second sleeve of little ladies cardigan.

Also while searching around in the craft room for project bags I found some embroidery I have been working on but totally forgot about (for about a year or so haha). Its the 12 days of Christmas bunting. Its a redwork pattern by dandelion designs. I have made this once already about 4/5 years ago for my Nana but I really wanted one for my living room too. so I have managed the 1st and 2nd and just need the other ten days completing now.  I must remember to not go clearing out or delving into storage boxes in the future, goodness knows what I will find!

So my weekend plans are to work on the Tsunami sock and finish day 3 of the twelve days of Christmas.

Now for the fun part. If you would like to join in with the weekend wip along then add a link to you blog post below and tag back to this blog post so others can see, hopefully we can create a great weekend wip along community. I will create a button for this as soon as I get a chance. Thanks for playing and happy weekend wip along.


  1. A very good time of year to be starting a Christmas project! I daren't go digging too deep in some of my cupboards as I know I will come across long forgotten, half finished, projects! Your dpns are very smart, may I ask where they are from please? Have a lovely weekend X

  2. Oh i wouldnt want to know what I would gind if I went digging but the little christmas emroidery looks pretty! The sneak peek of your nearly ta dah looks really pretty! I still envy those who kan knit socks!, they will be so cosy!


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