Tuesday, 23 June 2015

A finished Hap

Hip hip hurrah, I have finished my hap. I have mentioned before about the hapalong.

Knit British arranged the #hapalong and since then, hundreds of hap's have been cast on. I'm sure I previously said I would not join in, but totally enabled by Mrs ID and Louise from Knit British I found a crochet hap that looked relatively easy so on the cast on date I joined in with the virtual knit/crochet group via twitter and instagram and cast on. The hap didn't take that long to work up really, but I have to say that I was not that impressed with the pattern. The yarn guide was incorrect, I did carefully gauge my yarn and convert it correctly, doing the calculations several times to ensure I ordered the correct amount of yarn. I had to order an additional three balls of yarn and after using up two of them I cast it off early knowing to finish I would need to order another two. I used 12 balls overall but I think if I had seen it through to the end it would have used 15 balls of yarn.

The pattern was also written in a slightly confusing manner, I think a couple of the other ladies also struggled with the wording and the repeats, after much perseverance I got there.

The pattern was Alchemilla Shawl. I used Drops Safran cotton Yarn (12 balls) and the suggested hook sizes of 4.5 & 6 mm.

I went for my favourite colour red and with it being made in cotton, it has quite a heavy drape which adds warmth to it.

The boarder is so pretty, I think that the confusion in the pattern is how the boarder is written. I have to say it is worth the perseverance's because look how gorgeous it is!

Blocking my hap was a bit of an issue, my blocking boards are not big enough and there was no where really that I could pin it out and leave it. In the end I moved out the dining room chairs and pinned it to a towel under the table, leaving it there for a few days to dry out.

Since I completed it, it has been used as a shawl, as a lap blanket and as a scarf. I love this hap so much. I have had many comments on the design and the striking colour too. My hap attracted a lot of attention when I was in hospital last week, with all the ladies on the ward wanting to have a look and know more.  I would love to make another one but with a different colour boarder.


  1. OMG!!! Well done you, it's beautiful and that colour is awesome! I also cast on for the Hapalong but didn't like my pattern and frogged it twice. I now have another pattern in mind so might cast on in a couple of weeks (too many WIPs at the moment...). Be VERY proud of your hap though cos it's amazing! xxx

    1. thank you Laura, Ilook forward to seeing yours finished. sx

  2. What a stunning piece of work! That is really beautiful and I love the rich colour. Can I ask what a 'hap' is? In Scotland there is a phrase to be 'happ'd up' in the winter, which means warmly and cozily wrapped up in cold weather, is 'hap' from the same phrase? Hope you are recovering well from surgery and being thoroughly spoiled and pampered. X

  3. Thanks Penny, I beleive it is a Shetland term for a shawl, but it hass a certain construction. The centre panel is created first followed by the edging. A traditional hap is knitted but I did a crochet version :) so Iwould say that your definition is totally correct.
    I am recovering well thank you, enjoying the relaxation time.


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