Friday, 26 June 2015

Weekend WIP Along #6

Here we are again, Friday. This week has been a fairly steady one for me. I have been home all week recovering very well from my knee operation. It seems to have gone well and I am getting around really well already.

As predicted it has been a week of knitting and I cast on the main part of the Old Growth Cardigan for little lady on Sunday and cast it off yesterday. Whoop Whoop. Once it was blocked I just needed to sew the buttons on. I can't wait to show the completed cardigan as I am so pleased with it.

I also cast on the Tiny Owl Knits hoodlet but I've barely touched all week and then there is a the socks I cast on to take into hospital with me. Well the socks are no more, I dropped a stitch and the more I tried to recover the stitch the worse it got, so I just ripped the small amount I had done back and I intend to start that again this weekend. The Socks I am knitting is CoopKnits 'dave' from her latest book. and I am using West Yorkshire Spinners yarn in Partridge colourway. Lets hope that next week I will have some progress for you.

What are your weekend plans?
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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

A Yarn Along - Old Growth

Being off work certainly has its advantages. This week I have been working on the Little Ladies cardigan and after only a few sittings (exceptionally long sittings) I am almost finished it.  I've really got stuck into knitting this cardigan. I think because I am knitting in aran yarn it is working up quite quickly. 

I love Tin Can Knit patterns as they are seamless making it more likely that once its completed it wont sit in my basket just waiting to be sewn up. I am hoping that I will finish the cardigan today, all I have left to do is the yoke and the button bands. I will then need to raid the button box to see if I have any/enough suitable buttons for it or if i need to order some. I love my button box, a little box of colourful treasure, you remove the lid and can't help but smile and dive your hand into the treasure to see what you might discover.

I continue (slowly) to read The Night Circus and the more I read the more I love it, I guess as I am enjoying my knitting so much this week I will continue to read at the same pace. 

I am enjoying having lots of flowers around the house this week. If you read my blog regularly (thank you) then you will know last week I had a minor operation on my knee and this week I am recovering, I have had friends and family visit and with them they have brought some lovely flowers. The smell fills the house and the colours are bright and cheery. I shall be sad when all the vases are empty and the lovely scents have dissipated but thankful they were here if only for a short time. 

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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

A finished Hap

Hip hip hurrah, I have finished my hap. I have mentioned before about the hapalong.

Knit British arranged the #hapalong and since then, hundreds of hap's have been cast on. I'm sure I previously said I would not join in, but totally enabled by Mrs ID and Louise from Knit British I found a crochet hap that looked relatively easy so on the cast on date I joined in with the virtual knit/crochet group via twitter and instagram and cast on. The hap didn't take that long to work up really, but I have to say that I was not that impressed with the pattern. The yarn guide was incorrect, I did carefully gauge my yarn and convert it correctly, doing the calculations several times to ensure I ordered the correct amount of yarn. I had to order an additional three balls of yarn and after using up two of them I cast it off early knowing to finish I would need to order another two. I used 12 balls overall but I think if I had seen it through to the end it would have used 15 balls of yarn.

The pattern was also written in a slightly confusing manner, I think a couple of the other ladies also struggled with the wording and the repeats, after much perseverance I got there.

The pattern was Alchemilla Shawl. I used Drops Safran cotton Yarn (12 balls) and the suggested hook sizes of 4.5 & 6 mm.

I went for my favourite colour red and with it being made in cotton, it has quite a heavy drape which adds warmth to it.

The boarder is so pretty, I think that the confusion in the pattern is how the boarder is written. I have to say it is worth the perseverance's because look how gorgeous it is!

Blocking my hap was a bit of an issue, my blocking boards are not big enough and there was no where really that I could pin it out and leave it. In the end I moved out the dining room chairs and pinned it to a towel under the table, leaving it there for a few days to dry out.

Since I completed it, it has been used as a shawl, as a lap blanket and as a scarf. I love this hap so much. I have had many comments on the design and the striking colour too. My hap attracted a lot of attention when I was in hospital last week, with all the ladies on the ward wanting to have a look and know more.  I would love to make another one but with a different colour boarder.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Weekend WIP Along #5

Hello you lovely lot.

Well here we are again, Fridays seem to come around really quickly at the minute. As you will have read in a earlier post this week I did indeed finish my Tsunami socks last weekend and not only that I finished another quick project.

This weekend/week I will manage a fair bit of knitting because I am heading into hospital today to have the damage to my knee repaired. I am going to be home for a week and not able to move around a great deal, so no excuse for not getting caught up on my blog reading, book reading & knitting!

I have packed in my hospital bag some socks I cast on this week (they are for Mr.M) and beyond that I am still working on the Old Growth Cardi. I thought taking the socks with me would be best as they are basic socks and no major concentration is required.

Working on the second sleeve of Old Growth.

Just a short post from me this week but I hope that you can join in and share your projects, it will certainly give me some reading material over the weekend if you can.

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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Off To Bed with The Night Circus!

This week is passing me by so quickly, I feel rather dizzy! Don't you find it happens that way sometimes? I have some time off work coming as I am going into hospital on Friday to finally repair the damage to my knee (cue lots of knitting & reading time coming up) hence this week I am super busy at work & home.

I am currently reading The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I will openly admit I have been reading it for a little while now. Its not the longest book, especially after the epic read that was Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, Coming in at only 512 pages its half the size! The problem is the same one I encounter on a regular basis, Time! I think I am only around 15% through the book but I fully intend to read more over the next week. The book so far is very enjoyable and is based around magic (I seem to be drawn to these stories). 

I am also listening to a book on my daily commute to and from work as well. The Humans by Matt Haig, Again it is just a short book and I only have a couple hours left to listen to, so far I have found it highly amusing, I have found myself giggling away in the car. I am sure I have had some funny looks while being sat in traffic! The Humans is mostly about an alien landing on earth and his experiences in a human body. If you want a giggle then I would recommend it. That said I am not finished it yet so I will reserve full judgement on it till then. haha

Work In Progress

Knitting has been rather productive as well! This weekend I started and finished a knitting project and even better I started it and finished it in a day, BOOM!

This is the moment that I admit that I was using 12mm knitting needles and super chunky yarn. Don't you find chunky yarn knits up so quickly?!

The pattern is Off To Bed Pyjama Case by Suzie Johnson. This has been in my ravelry queue for an age now and I have had the yarn for a while too. The pattern suggests Rowan Big wool which in my opinion for a PJ case is quite expensive. 

Before the ends have been sewn in & and it has been blocked.

The yarn I used was:
Rowan Big Wool in wild berry colourway x 1 ball
Wendy Pampas in Rhubarb colourway x 1 ball
Wendy Pampas in purple colourway x 1 ball

The Wendy Pampas alternative is just as effective as the Rowan, yes you can tell the difference in the feel of the two different yarns but the effect is just the same and the cost is vastly reduced. If you are happy to spend the money on Rowan then that's great but for those with a tighter budget I found this yarn match the gauge and produce a lovely fabric. I mixed the two yarns together in this project and think it works quite well.

I loved this project, I would say it only took 3-4 hours total knitting time then half an hour to sew in the ends and wash it and block it.  It did however take a little longer to dry out on the blocking board. 

I did say earlier in this little post that it had been a productive weekend, well as part of my Weekend WIP Along (why don't you come and join in this Friday) I did say I would finish the Tsunami socks and well *smug face right about now*, I only blooming finished them! I have a entire post devoted to these lovely socks coming your way in the very near future along with a post about my completed hap (that's a lot of writing to be done).

Well I think that's me for today I'm sure I have rambled on enough now so I shall leave you all to your lovely day. Have fun. 

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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Weekend WIP Along #4

Did you have a good week?

Did you join in the Weekend WIP Along last week? why not add your blog link to the link up below so we can see what you have been doing and see your projects?

Last week I was looking at working on my Tsunami socks and a embroidery project I discovered in the depths of my craft room.

We took a trip out in Daphne (our caravan) to a lovely place near Malton called Helperthorpe. It was nice to be away from it all and spend some time with the family. The weather wasn't the best with high winds hampering our plans to get out in the countryside. My knee is causing me some issues and I struggle to walk around, so when Mr M and little lady took a little time to go and explore the local area I spent some time in the caravan relaxing and of course knitting. This time knitting has meant that my sock is almost finished! yes that's right, almost finished! this of course has meant that I did no work on my little embroidery project.

Tsunami Socks

Don't you find that when you really get close to the end of a project you feel a need to get it finished and keep working on it! I feel a little addicted to my knitting and the thought of new projects is really spurring me to finish the socks.

So still on the go I have the Old Growth cardigan, the embroidery project and my socks. I will this weekend Finish (yes I said finish!) my socks and after that any other craft work is a bonus.

The starlings of the 2nd sleeve on Old Growth

I know that this weekend I am going to realise lots of time for knitting or even spinning. Mr M is heading off to Download today with his friends so its just little lady and me (and my mum). I am hoping that this weekend I will finally get some pictures of my completed hap so that I can show you.

so what are your weekend wip along plans? I hope you can join in the fun.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Weekend WIP Along #3

did you manage to get much of your projects completed over the last week?

I have at last finished my lovely big hap for the #hapalong. As yet I have not shown it to you or posted about it as it is currently pinned out on towels underneath my dining room table! The hap is that big it does not fit on my blocking boards so I had to find some other means of blocking it. I hope to share a ta dah with you in the next few days, when the weather has brightened up enough for me to take some pictures.

For now here it is blocking.

I managed to cast on the second Tsunami sock as well although only managed to knit the cuff and one pattern repeat but that is progress right? and I have not worked on the little ladies cardigan at all this week.
I have worked on it more than this now with 3 full pattern repeats completed.

For the coming weekend and maybe week ahead if I get the time I want to make some progress on the second sock as they have been a wip for a little too long really and maybe manage to knit the second sleeve of little ladies cardigan.

Also while searching around in the craft room for project bags I found some embroidery I have been working on but totally forgot about (for about a year or so haha). Its the 12 days of Christmas bunting. Its a redwork pattern by dandelion designs. I have made this once already about 4/5 years ago for my Nana but I really wanted one for my living room too. so I have managed the 1st and 2nd and just need the other ten days completing now.  I must remember to not go clearing out or delving into storage boxes in the future, goodness knows what I will find!

So my weekend plans are to work on the Tsunami sock and finish day 3 of the twelve days of Christmas.

Now for the fun part. If you would like to join in with the weekend wip along then add a link to you blog post below and tag back to this blog post so others can see, hopefully we can create a great weekend wip along community. I will create a button for this as soon as I get a chance. Thanks for playing and happy weekend wip along.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

British Yarn

I have had in interest in yarn for around 8 years now. My Nana first taught me to crochet when I was pregnant with little lady. I wanted to make a granny blanket for 'the baby' and ever since then I have loved to crochet. I finally learnt to knit about 4 years ago when my aunty in Devon spent some time with me showing me how it is done.

It is only recently that I have developed a stash of yarn and developed a serious yarn hoarding issue through visiting yarn festivals with my best friend Isla (who is a serious yarnaholic), and even more recently that I have considered the provenance of the yarn I use. This interest, I have to say, came initially from Knit British (have you listened to her podcast? you really should, I always feel like I am sitting in her living room having a cuppa and a knit & natter!) and then from Isla!

Where is this going I hear you asking! Well the lovely Isla has realised her dream and set up her own virtual yarn store called brityarn, but more importantly it is virtual yarn store that celebrates and shares the love of British Wool. brityarn will only stock yarn that has been grown, spun and dyed in Britain. Check out Isla's Woolly principles on her website. The woolly principles really show brityarn is passionate about the British yarn industry and increasing awareness about British sheep breeds. Beyond this Isla has support the British economy by using suppliers for packing material and business support based ass locally to her home town as possible.

brityarn has a selection of gorgeous yarns from wonderful producers and dyers such as Eden Cottage Yarns, Blacker Yarns, West Yorkshire Spinners, Jamieson & Smiths and Yarns from the Plain, amongst others. brityarn also stock an amazing range of knitting & crochet patterns from British designers like, Rachel Coopey, Karie Westerman and the Crochet Project, along with lovely project bags made just for brityarn. There are many treasures to be discovered over on the brityarn website you find yours. 

And the best news is that brityarn opens its virtual doors today, yes thet's right today! 
I feel very privilaged to have played a small part in the brityarn journey so thank you Isla & good luck Isla with brityarn.

brityarn can be found at