Wednesday, 29 April 2015

A Yarn Along

So its been a little while since I have hooked up with A Yarn Along over at the small things blog, so I thought I would participate this week.

I have not been reading really, although I am still reading Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell when I have the time. This doesn't bode well for my reading challenge 2015! I really must make more of an effort with reading.

This month I have a few Finished Projects to tell you about (I will leave that for another post I think), that I completed in April, but as with every knitter/crocheter I have a couple of other projects on the go!

I tried with all my energy not to be drawn into another KAL/CAL in the hope of getting some long term projects and plans completed but Mrs ID is a complete and utter enabler!!! The lovely Louise over at Knit British has done a wonderful series of blog posts about the traditional Hap and from this came the #hapalong. As I feel that most of my projects of late have been all about the knitting I wanted to avoid another KAL. I love crochet and just think I have not done enough of it lately.

Pop over to Louise's blog you will discover (if you don't already know) that the Hap is a tradition knitted shawl/blanket so that sorted it for me, I wont join in. Then Mrs ID casually mentions the latest post from Louise about the crochet versions, I pop over to read it and well between the two of them they convinced me and I now have a Hap on the hook! who knew!

So if you want to join in there is still plenty of time, there is a ravelry group as well as hash tags for instagram and twitter. so go check it out.

I am not one to melt into the crowds, I often like to have something bright and bold, so after I chose my pattern I went for the yarn.

Red, my favourite colour. the official cast on night was fun, with a social media hang out and a glass of wine. Cast off isn't until Mid July but I have already completed the centre panel of my Hap and I have the border to now complete which is several rounds (I am actually worried I will run out of yarn, even though I ordered enough). I am so enjoying this project but I font often get time to stop by ravelry and see what everyone else is doing.

I also have another crochet project on the go and a pair of socks I am knitting for me (yes me)

What projects are you working on?

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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Schools Out Cardigan

I don't think I have mentioned this cardigan on the blog at all (not sure why). Sometime ago I started the Schools out cardigan. I purchased the pattern from Yarndale 2014.

I used woolcraft Superwash 4 ply sock yarn as I wanted a hard wearing yarn that could be washed (you know what 7 year olds are like) and I knitted in age 8-9 knowing it would take me a while to knit it.  I let little lady choose the yarn and I was quite impressed that she didn't pick the pink.

The pattern appealed to me as it is knit all in one (we all hate sewing up right?, and as I have mentioned in many of my previous posts, it is my downfall and often the reason I don't finish a project for ages) and was so easy to cast on, I did have to call upon Mrs ID at knit group to help me when it came to the sleeve area but we got there eventually!

The problem with knitting with 4 ply is, that even though it creates such a beautiful fabric it takes blooming ages to knit up. so I cast on in Deceber and it took me till mid April to finish as I often got bored with knitting it. There are a couple of mistake but I am still proud that I have finished this and it marked a step up in my knitting skill to.

Little lady was so keen to get her new cardi and insisted on wearing it straight away (even though it was a little chilly out that day).

Full details of this project are available on ravelry.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Megan Made a Scarf

For Christmas 2013 Mrs ID & MR D bought Little Lady some nice chunky knitting needles and some lovely colourful Chunky yarn. It took Little lady till march to decide she wanted to learn how to knit, so we sat down with a drink and I showed her how to do the knit stitch, we cast on 11 stitches and off she went a knitting. I wrote about this early in 2014. She took to it really quickly and when Mrs ID came over for a knit night she would often join in with us. Just lately she has also started attending the monthly knitting group for half an hour or so.

Well 6 months on she was still going, so at the January Knit group Mrs ID told her that if it was finished by the end of February well there may possibly be a little prize. This was all the incentive she needed and just a week into February I showed her how to cast off! Here is the finished product!

As you would expect with a knitted scarf made by a seven year old it is a little misshaped, it has holes and we might have a few more stitches than she originally started with but I am immensely proud of my gorgeous little girl and this achievement. Father Christmas did bring her a knitting kit this year so she has now started a new project!

Little Lady, very proud of her achievement.
What was the prize? I hear you ask. Well Mrs ID bought Little Lady a book which was David Walliams 'The queens Orang-outang' A book written in support of Comic Relief. Little lady had been saving up her pocket money to buy it so was totally thrilled when Mrs ID called round to give her the book.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Devon Part 2

Easter Sunday was a great relaxing day filled with chocolate, a lovely Sunday/Easter dinner, family and for me wine & knitting. A home day so to speak.

Mr's Aunt lives in Uffculme, Devon and its only recently while I have been a knitter/crochet that I realised the beautiful old chimney in the village belonged to a mill, not just any mill but a working wool museum! as soon as I realised this I was super excited. on our last visit little lady and I walked round to discover it was what they called a steam up but unfortunately we didn't have enough time to look around so I just purchased some yarn and we left.

This time we planned or visit so that we could spend some time there.

Again it was such a beautiful day and we walked the 10 minutes from Mr's Aunts house to the mill. 

The mill was built in 1799 by Thomas Fox and closed after spinning worsted and Woollen yarn for 200 years in 1981 due to the recession. The mill was purchased by the trust to preserve the history. Now they have a steam up several times a year to allow visitors in to see the machinery and grounds. The shop is open all year round so wooly goodness is available at a whim. A must for any yarn addict!!!! Last year I purchased some beautiful Aran yarn which I knitted my Ammolite Cowl . The yarn was gorgeous to knit with so I knew I needed (yes needed) to purchase some more.

We spent ages walking around the beautiful grounds and looking at the machinery. I was utterly fascinated by the machinery and the demonstrations going on. The smell in the workshop was amazing, It smelt to me of history, I could imagine the workers in there in times gone by, the sound of the machinery was so loud but so fascinating. 

(warning excessive pictures)...

 I love the Water Wheel. I am always attracted to water wheels they have always fascinated me. I have been know to seek out water wheels and then stand and stare at them for excessive amounts of time.

The colour on these bobbins was just amazing, and it was simply amazing watching the machinery working and the bobbins spinning at speed producing a blurr of colour.


At every turn there is something to see, vast amounts of visual simulation. History is every where prickling the curiosity of the people that once worked here every day, wondering how whether they enjoyed being here, who they were and what they did when they were not at the factory.

As you can see from the pictures the Mill is set in the most stunning surroundings, and on such a beautiful day we got to enjoy the entire Mill, walking around the outside and along the little river.

Being Easter weekend they did lay on a little Easter egg hunt for the children, they has to find all the markers and write them down, present the finished list to the lady in the shop and if they are all right then there is a little prize. Little lady got a Creme Egg. She was most pleased, especially when Mr. M also purchased a little gingerbread man brooch for her from the shop. I of course did by yarn!!!

 The yarn selection is limited to Dk and Aran. The yarn is delightful to knit with and the colours (as you can see) are vibrant.

As well as the yarn, there is also a selection of woven fabrics, bags, felting kits and socks. I did find a a little basket filled with some gorgeous alpaca yarn, I was only going to buy one skein but Mr. M encouraged me to get two!

While here I also purchased some Aran & Dk (along with a couple of little treats for Mrs ID). I would highly recommend A visit to Coldharbour mill if you are in the area, I loved our visit. 

After our visit we walked back to the house and sat in the garden, I did a little knitting (finishing Mr's socks). Meg played in the park and we all just generally relaxed, because that is what holidays are for right?

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Devon Part 1

Over Easter we took our annual trip down to Devon. Mr M's aunt lives there and we love to visit her. We used to manage twice a year but now we have little lady we only get down there once a year.

Easter is always an ideal time as we incorporate the long Easter weekend. This year for what ever reason we decided that Bank holiday Friday would be a great day to journey down the M5! (who's blooming idea was that, probably mine). Our usual 4 1/2 hour drive took us nearly 7 hours with stops for little lady and diversions to avoid the excessively heavy traffic. oh well I got some knitting done! despite loosing a dpn down the side of the car seat, why Mr. M later had to spend 15-20 minutes trying to retrieve from under the seat track! oops

The most welcoming sign and the thing that signify's the start of the holiday is 'the tree bridge' this is what the little lady calls it any way. This is the most beautiful little lane covered over by an arch way of trees, the sun shines through the branches to create the most beautiful effect.

As soon as we drive through here the stress evaporates away and the relaxation begins.

Upon arrival there is always a glass of wine (that is unless its 9 in the morning of course!) and lots of hugs kisses and catching up to be had. 

We took little lady up to The House of Marbles on the Saturday. I always love it there, the marble runs are amazing, you can stand for hours mesmerised by them all. The colours are vibrant and there is also a small but fascinating museum. 

 Marbles Everywhere

Giant Marble Run

After the compulsory marble purchases it was time for a small bite in their on site cafe. We had a lovely lunch here and it soon got very busy. The food was delightful and the staff were very friendly.

The House of Marbles is in a town called Bovey Tracey, and as any knitter/crocheter would do, I staked out the local yarn scene (well the local yarn shop anyway) I was delighted to find that there was a lovely yarn shop in Bovey Tracey and also a great park for kids too. We drove from the Marble place through to the the lovely little town and parked up, had a little wander around and then, since it was such a lovely day Mr. M. and Little miss went to the park while I browsed in the yarn shop.

Spin A Yarn - Devon 

As soon as I walked in I was hit with a wall of colour!

The store holds a large selection of brands in various weights. I was ages just looking around in a haze of confusion. I was specifically looking for some WYS sock yarn. Since I was knitting Mr. M's socks in WYS Bullfinch I wanted more to put away to make further socks for him at a later date. I was not disappointed, they had some. Although the colour-ways they had in stock were very limited and I was expecting that they would have a better selection. I did manage to get some more though. There were baskets overspilling with vibrant colours and shelves filled to busting with every fibre you can think of. Spin a Yarn is a knitters and crocheters heaven. As well as yarn they had a lovely selection of pattern books, buttons, ribbon, beads and needles in most sizes. I spent a little while talking to the lady in the store who was interested in the Cheche a la sauce scarf  I was wearing and I explained about the Brigantia yarn that it was knitted in. The ladies in there were helpful and very friendly and hopefully the next time I visit Devon I will call in again. Although the lady did tell me I could order on line should I wish too and explained their loyalty scheme to me as well

I of course made some purchases to add to my ever expanding Yarn Stash. 

Just a small purchase.

I found Mr. M & Little Miss having lots of fun in the park together. We were very lucky with the weather, such a sunny warm day. After a little more time in the park we headed back to Aunties house for a lovely evening where I did a little more knitting on Mr. M's Socks. 

I took two projects with me on holiday. Mr. M's socks and Little Miss's cardigan in the hope of finishing the former and making good progress on the latter!

Part 2 coming soon!