Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The Sock Surgery #1

Any one who has read my blog knows that I look on enviously at those who are able to knit socks. I have managed to knit a pair of socks on straight needles and then moved onto DPN's with a big fat fail. You may remember my Not Knitting Socks post? Fail!!! since this point I have wanted to pick up the DPN's and try again.

Well Shinybees to the rescue! Jo over at Shinybees often keeps me company on my commute to work (via the medium of pod cast of course). I love her humour, her enabling and her knitting chatter. Along with Clare Devine, Jo has set up the #Socksurgery and a year of knitting socks. I took up this challenge and based on Clare's January pattern pick, I chose the Rye Sock by Tin Can Knits. On the advice of my Best friend Mrs I.D (knit a smaller size) I knitted socks for little lady since she is only 7.

I have nothing but love for Tin Can Knits now. The pattern is so easy to follow and Tin Can Knits have a wealth of tutorials on their website, their patterns are written so well. As a beginner I loved that they told me how many stitches on each needle I needed, this was a great help to me. The heel turn and gusset Was the cause of my issues last time but this time it was a total breeze!

The Rye sock is knitted in aran yarn so you can imagine it knits up really quickly. I finished the first sock in less than a week (of course I don't sit an knit constantly, even though I would love to) and the second sock was done in a weekend, while also working on my Lapsang Hat (more on that in a later post). I used my Brigantia Aran yarn left over from my Chelsea Waistcoat. not strictly sock yarn but I hope they will be a nice toasty pair of welly boot socks for Little Lady.

Anyway enough ranting from me, now to the boasting!!!


My first pair of Dpn socks. 

Perfect fit for tiny feet!
Thank you to the #socksurgery I'm looking forward to my next pair which I am hoping will be from my new book The Sock Anatomy by Clare Devine. The book is filled with socks for children up to the age of 2 but Clare has released some of the patterns in adult sizes now which come through in digital format. I will make another smaller  size as we have lots of babies on the family currently so will make lovely gifts and I get to practice new techniques in the miniature as well!


  1. Huge congrats!!! Well done for not giving up! I can remember my first pair of socks and it's a great feeling! Here's to many more pairs flying off your needles.... xxx

  2. They look great! You should be rightly proud of yourself. I love Tin Can Knits too have made a few of their patterns I love them!

  3. Oh my goodness they are lovely! Great colour too. I'd love to be able to knit socks, I find them really hard.,I may have to look at the podcasts you recommend, that might ease me in to it! X


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