Wednesday, 25 February 2015

February Spinning News

I do love my little spinning wheel and the more I use it the more I fall in love with the craft of spinning. I'm still not very good but every skein of yarn I produce seems to get better. A sure sign of improvement!

I am using prepared fibre rather than the raw fleece as I find it easier to use at this time. February's spinning was focused on the plain cream Merino fibre I purchased from Wingham wool works. The fibre was quite cheap and since I was a newbie I thought it would be okay to practice with. I am still a little scared to use all the lovely fibre I have stashed away over the last few months, I want to be able to give them justice and produce some beautiful yarn with them. 

I cant remember when I started to spin this fibre but it must have been towards the end of January I guess. Well last night I finished spinning it and ply'd the two bobbins together. I had to produce two skeins as I only have small bobbins currently.

My two little skeins total 113 metres and comes in at around an Aran weight with a bit of DK in there at times (I'm still working on consistency & evenness in my hand spun).

I racked up 3 hours and 30 minutes of spinning time in February which passed my target of 3 hours (I like to set these little targets to aim for). I'm using the Toggl app on my phone to track how long things take me, I find it really useful tool, it focuses the mind and helps me understand how long things take. I have loved my spinning time this month, sitting in the office/craft room spinning away accompanied by an audio book. The time fly's by, I got lost in the magic of my book while I spin. I look forward to spinning now, knowing I can listen to a book or a podcast and its a perfect way to relax after a busy day. Spin away the stress!

I have logged all my fibre on ravelry and it was great to be able to convert fibre to stashed yarn. I am feeling a little smug this month about my yarn and even Mr. M commented that it has to be my best hand spun yet.


  1. How brilliant to develop a new skill. And so helpful to set targets and then stick to them. X

  2. I had ago at spinning at the weekend (will be posting about that later) . I was sooo bad! Lol Well done for being to produce anything !

  3. I can see a hat or a cowl in waiting to be made. I haven't spun since I left school and if I had more time, I would probably pick it up again. Great spinning Shelley.


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