Thursday, 15 January 2015

Yarn Along - Chèche à la sauce

Last week I started a new project & this week I finished it! I know I know that was pretty quick!

I have had some lovely mustard coloured Brigantia DK yarn in my stash for a while, I bought it from Duttons for Buttons in York on a girly day out with Mrs. ID and Little lady. Mustard is really not a colour I am usually drawn to (its often reds and purples) but the colour really caught my eye and with nothing in mind I purchased three skeins and stashed them away (as us yarny types do).

So while mooching around on pinterest I saw the Chèche à la sauce shawl and knew that it would look (and feel) great in the Brigantia so I set too! Mr poor long suffering husband had to help with balling up the skeins (bless him). The pattern is a translated pattern so there are some inconsistencies and I had to make changes along the way to make it work but I'm okay at that, if it had have been knitting I would have been calling on Mrs ID's help. Once I got going, it worked up so quickly and I finished it on Tuesday night while watching silent witness (as you do). It really needs a good blocking and the ends sewing in but apart from that it is done.

I have been really good and updated my ravelry page with this project :)

I realised while crocheting away how much I have missed my crochet hooks lately. Most of my current projects are knitting related. I realised that crochet is often so much quicker than knitting! although I did feel guilty as I should be working on a baby blanket for a gift and also Little ladies cardigan, both have been laying abandoned in my knitting basket all week. I guess the blanket takes priority since the baby is due to make is entrance into the world in just over a month!

Also this week I have continued with my Terry Pratchett journey, reading the first Disc world book, and a quirky read it is too! I'm around 70% through the book and I do find myself giggling away while reading it. 
I have also listened the radio 4 adaptation of Good Omens which was written by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman this week which was great. It helped me through a hefty work load. 

Today I am joining in with Ginny's Yarn Along over at a small things blog.


  1. Lovely, I bet it keeps you nice and warm. I ball up my yarn by placing the yarn over my feet. It counts as exercise because you need to keep your tummy muscles tight and leg muscles, too. x

    1. That, Christina, is a cracking Idea! I will have to give that a go next time. I'm sure Mr.M would prefer that opton as well.

  2. That shawl is pretty, and I think it is a good color on you.

  3. It looks great, what a quick project how very satisfying!

    1. Every now and then a quick project is reqiured dont you think? just to spur you on with the larger projects.

  4. Your shawl looks brilliant, well done finishing it so quickly!


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