Sunday, 25 January 2015

Susan Crawford - Little Angel Jumper

I am a little late posting about this project, purely because I had forgotten about it!

Way back in October I told you that I had started the Little Angel Jumper for my baby niece as a Christmas present. Well I eventually finished it. (off the blocking board they day before she arrived at my house on the 27th Dec 2014)

I've not worked on this project continuously, getting distracted by spinning, reading and my crochet projects as well. I would love to be an everyday knitter but unfortunately I have other things to do in my spare time to so I only knit around 3 times a week usually.

I had reservations about knitting this jumper, mostly because my knitting skills are not actually that good. They were, however, unfounded and it was a fairly easy make. I would like to make one garment without any mistakes in though! This jumper has about five errors in it which I have tried to resolve without ripping it back. I can spot the mistakes but I'm sure to others they are not that obvious.

I picked this pattern up from my trip at Yarndale 2014 and used some stashed yarn, it was stylecraft 4ply in lipstick colour. I had it left over from another project sometime ago. I wanted to use yarn that was washable as its for a 6 month old baby so needs to be machine washable really. The yarn has produced a lovely soft fabric.

As with all (only a few) garments I have made the worst part for me is sewing them together, I am always nervous about messing it up and then the garment looking horrible. At least because this is a Christmas gift it didn't sit in my knitting basket for months until I plucked up the courage to sew together which would be a while. I am pleased with the finished garment and hope that my niece will look cute in it.

I love the little buttons! They were rescued frrom my extensive button stash and (in my opinion) are perfect for this little jumper.

One of my best friends is expecting a baby early next year and if she has a little girl then I will be able to make it again, I think it is a rather feminine garment although I think is marketed as unisex, this is obviously my opinion I just think its a more feminine garment. I have updated my ravelry page with this project.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Yarn Along - Chèche à la sauce

Last week I started a new project & this week I finished it! I know I know that was pretty quick!

I have had some lovely mustard coloured Brigantia DK yarn in my stash for a while, I bought it from Duttons for Buttons in York on a girly day out with Mrs. ID and Little lady. Mustard is really not a colour I am usually drawn to (its often reds and purples) but the colour really caught my eye and with nothing in mind I purchased three skeins and stashed them away (as us yarny types do).

So while mooching around on pinterest I saw the Chèche à la sauce shawl and knew that it would look (and feel) great in the Brigantia so I set too! Mr poor long suffering husband had to help with balling up the skeins (bless him). The pattern is a translated pattern so there are some inconsistencies and I had to make changes along the way to make it work but I'm okay at that, if it had have been knitting I would have been calling on Mrs ID's help. Once I got going, it worked up so quickly and I finished it on Tuesday night while watching silent witness (as you do). It really needs a good blocking and the ends sewing in but apart from that it is done.

I have been really good and updated my ravelry page with this project :)

I realised while crocheting away how much I have missed my crochet hooks lately. Most of my current projects are knitting related. I realised that crochet is often so much quicker than knitting! although I did feel guilty as I should be working on a baby blanket for a gift and also Little ladies cardigan, both have been laying abandoned in my knitting basket all week. I guess the blanket takes priority since the baby is due to make is entrance into the world in just over a month!

Also this week I have continued with my Terry Pratchett journey, reading the first Disc world book, and a quirky read it is too! I'm around 70% through the book and I do find myself giggling away while reading it. 
I have also listened the radio 4 adaptation of Good Omens which was written by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman this week which was great. It helped me through a hefty work load. 

Today I am joining in with Ginny's Yarn Along over at a small things blog.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Book Challenge 2015

Having joined the 'A Year in Books' challenge in the very late stages of 2014 I wanted to continue with the reading challenges, luckily Laura at A circle of Pine Trees is continuing with the challenge through 2015 (I was very happy to read this). I do, like most people get stuck into reading the same sorts of books but I like to challenge my self a little. I think that a conventional book club is not for me, everyone reading the same book chosen by someone else just doesn't do it for me really!

So one day while mooching around on Instagram (as you do) I happened across a post about a 2015 book challenge by Bringing up Burns ...

Image from
Bringing up Burns 

I love the idea of this challenge although I think 26 books in a year is a little optimistic, that is unless they are all very short books! so I will follow this challenge but may cover a couple of the points with one book! (its not really cheating right?) If you want to join in pop over to the bringing up burns blog and check out her post.

My first book of 2015 is A terry Pratchett book, I have wanted to read one of his books for a very long time. Mr. M.  has read quite a lot of his books but I never really had the time and other books took priority. Now is the time! I am starting with his first Discworld book which I am advised by friends and also a few of my lovely Instagram friends is not his best but they do get better so I am persisting with it. I have to say that Mr Pratchett does have a funny turn of phrase, very quirky, I like it!

I have also started to look into other options for my next few reads but often by the time I come to read them I have changed my mind! For example In December I was going to read a discovery of witches which I didn't get round to. To be fair I didn't read anything in December really due to sickness, rushing around for Christmas or choosing knitting over reading! But when I eventually I got round to picking up a book I had looked into what people were saying about the book and it put me off slightly (I will still read the book soon).

In other exciting news (well it is for me anyway) As a Christmas present my lovely Mr. M. upgraded my basic kindle to a kindle paperwhite which I am loving! I really need to get a case for it (I hope to knit one so it is something a little different.

So are you joining in with the 2015 challenges? do you have any books already lined up?

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Learning to spin

I don't know about you, but me well the winter blues have definitely set in. I leave for work in the morning and its dark arriving at my windowless office and then its dark when I leave in the evening, I feel like I'm seeing very little day light at the minute. I feel sluggish and lacking in energy most of the time. I don't think the fact that the germs have moved in at little house in the corner has helped! first little lady was struck by a chesty cold. closely followed by myself and Mr M so nearly four weeks of illness has contributed to the winter blues. Luckily the shortest day has passed and day light hours will start to increase. Oh how I am craving for spring to arrive!

Early in November I set myself a challenge to spin for 10 hours. To recap on the challenge you can view the original post.

I did not reach my target of 10 hours due to various other commitments and other things coming up. The one thing that came out of it is that I have increased the amount of time I spent at the spinning wheel and also seen an improvement in the end product which was my aim.

I managed to achieve a total of 4 hours at the spinning wheel and completed 1 skein of yarn.

Here is a picture of the first skein I ever produced at my spinning class ...

Fluffy right?!

The first skein I produced at home on my little westbury wheel...

Still fluffy

and finally the skein I produced in November...

Much better!
A definite improvement I think. I have really enjoyed spending some time in my little craft corner listening to music or podcasts in my headphones while spinning away. The only problem is that I have not found either the right chair or the right sitting position as yet, because after about 10 minutes my back starts to hurt a little which I guess contributed to me not reaching my target as well. Any suggestions from you experienced spinners out there?

I intend to continue spending time at the wheel spinning up yarn and to motivate me I signed up to Hilltop Cloud new fibre club (the first lot of fibre arrived at the weekend! So excited more on that another day) so once a month a new batch of fibre will arrive and hopefully encourage me to get to the spinning wheel and produce some yarn, (I wont say beautiful yarn as I have lots of improving to do). I hope to be able to actually make something with the yarn I spin one day!

I have managed to update my fibre stash on ravelry if you want to take a look.
I shall keep you posted on my spinning adventures.

You can keep up with my blog on bloglovin if you are on there.

Friday, 2 January 2015

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all!

Thank you to each an everyone of you that visited Little House in the Corner in 2014 & reading the posts that I write. I am always amazed by the number of people that visit and comment on my posts. Through this little blog I have found some amazing blogs and wonderful bloggy friends so I am very thankful for that.

During December 2014 it was quite on the blog, I took a break due to illness (only the horrible cold that everyone seems to have been suffering with, nothing to serious) and to spend some time over the festive period with my family. Normal service shall resume and I have some posts coming up about my spinning, reading and latest projects. I have no New Years resolutions as its not something I tend to do, however my monthly challenges will continue as I have found them to be very inspiring and helpful. 

I hope that you have all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and New Year, I am looking forward to sharing my 2015 adventures with you all. Please continue to comment sharing your thoughts and blog addresses with me (its always great to find new blogs). 

Hello 2015