Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Sock WIP

Yes that title does say 'Sock WIP', I have knitted socks once before but using straight needles. For some time now it has been my desire to use DPN's but the thought of 5 needles did scare me a little (okay, a lot!).

I eventually plucked up the courage this weekend to cast on a basic pair of Socks using WYS 4 ply yarn and some super knit pro cubix DPN's my husband bought me for my birthday.

As you can see I've not made great progress with my first sock. It initially took me 3/4 attempts to cast on and get past the third row. Now I've got going I'm quite used to the awkwardness of the 5 needles. (I will admit to having dropped a entire row of stitches, I sat there for 30 minutes with a small crochet hook picking all the stitches up! look of horror on my face). I am sure that when I get to a more complicated section I wont be as happy! what took me so long to cast on???

Oh and do you like me gorgeous yarn bowl??  Isn't it just beautiful, carefully chosen for me as a birthday gift from one of my very bestest friends. The colour matches my living room colours perfectly and of course I do like my hearts around the house! so thank you Mrs. ID for my utterly gorgeous yarn bowl.

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Thanks for visiting The Little House in the Corner & I hope you will call again soon.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Cast On, Cast off and on the Needles

Hello Lovlies,

I can't believe we are at Monday again! Have you had a lovely crafting week?

Again Ive not done a great deal this week but I have done a little knitting.

Cast On...

I have cast on a teddy bear which was a kit I bought at Woolfest, the pattern is really easy and very quick, so much so that I cast on on Thursday and Ive almost finished the little dude. I will update my ravelry projects in the next couple of days and also do another post on him.

Cast Off..

Nothing as yet, Ive been feeling a little flighty and struggling to settle into one project.

On the Needles...

I still have the rosebud cardigan, which I did not get a chance to write a post on last week, and also my little bear.

Well that is it from me. Jut a quick on this week. I would love to hear what you are working on.

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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Cast on, Cast off & on the Needles

Hello Lovlies,

oops, I am a little late with this weeks post. I seem to have got a little distracted with a new adventure here at little house in the corner! any way how are you this week? Have you had a busy crafting weekend? Ive not managed a great deal of knitting this weekend because a wonderful my new adventure. (more on that very soon)

Here is a summary of my COCO…

Cast on…
I have not cast on anything new this weekend, however as I have been uploading my stash onto revelry I have been considering what to knit next. I did try to cast on a pair of socks using dpn's but the concept of dpns totally baffled me. That may have been due to the late hour (9.30pm) and bad light. I will have another attempt very soon.

Cast of…
I have cast of my Ammolite Cowl, Yay, I was so pleased with it. I still need to sew the ends in and block it and when I have done that I will upload a picture of the finished item and my thoughts on it.

On the Needles/hook…
I have the rosebud cardigan on the needles currently, I have finished the back and I'm now working on the left side. As I wrote here it is not quick knit since I am using 4ply yarn and 2.75mm needles. However the pattern is lovely, easy to follow and over all a simple knit.

So it is a quick update from me this week, not much in the way of knitting/crochet activity.

Any new projects for you this week?

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Rosebud Baby Cardigan

Hello lovelies,

well this is a later than I had intended, the reason being I have been working on my Ammolite cowl!

I always like to have a couple of projects on the go as sometimes you just feel like working on something that is basic and doesn't require you to think and other times something a little more challenging. The baby cardigan is my simple project.

I cast on the rosebud cardigan last Thursday (27/6/14) as a simple project for the trip in the car to woolfest. I have completed the back already but not as yet started any other parts (because of my obsession with the Ammolite cowl). The pattern is a very basic cardigan, which is easy to follow.

Rosebud cardigan is from Simple knits for cherished babies by Erika Knight. I love this book there are lots of lovely baby knits, however I don't have that many babies to knit for at the moment. The cardigan is for my future niece or nephew due in September (my first niece or nephew). Since we are not sure if my SIL is having a girl or a boy I am knitting in white, you cant go wrong with white really can you? I'm not sure on what kind of yarn this is as it was a hand me down ball of 4 ply that I just want to get out of my stash and make room for all the delicious yarn I purchased at woolfest.
The pattern calls for 2.75mm needles so although it is a simple knit it does not knit up very quickly (especially if you're like me, a slow knitter).

I have already made a newborn cardigan so this one is 3-6 months. I also have plans to cast on a baby blanket and a toy as well but we shall see what I time I get.

If you have plenty of babies to knit for then this book is full of lovely knits for you to make. I couldn't resist purchasing this bargain of a book from a charity shop for just £2!

All my project details & progress are uploaded onto ravelry if you want to take a look over there. I am in the process of updating my stash and projects. You can also follow my blog via Bloglovin, which is the way I read all the blogs I follow these days.