Friday, 5 December 2014

Life is too short to read books that you're not enjoying!

This month I have not managed to read any where near as much as I would have liked! Now we all know that books are a very personal choice, and I take recommendations from people I follow and friends. I rarely consider a critics choice but occasionally I need to be pushed out of my comfort zone and inspired to read something very new and a different genre that I am used to.

Novembers book choice included Bellman & Black by Diane Setterfield and I have to say I didn't read any of the reviews around this book, I picked it up in Waterstones, read the back and went from there, It sounded very intriguing so I bought it and away I went. At first I did not settle into the book I found it slow & filled with details that did not seem to matter. Usually if a book does not grab my interest in the first couple of chapters I will happily bin in (life is too short to read books that you don't like) but I persevered thinking that the story would kick in at any moment, It didn't and in a temper after wasting two (maybe three) weeks of reading (I was so slow reading the little I did read because it was just so boring)  I put a call out on Instagram and the response was unanimous the book was rubbish! I was however directed to Setterfields d├ębut novel which I was advised was much better. So I didn't finish this book and was very disappointed because the write up on the back page promised so much.

I did however finish both graphic novels of the graveyard book (which the Mr quickly read after me) and continued to read Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. Just over a week ago I started to read Foxglove summers by Ben Aaronovitch which I was hoping I would have finished by now but, nope. I have around 35% left so my intention is to continue with that hopefully finishing it this week and then my next week is a book first recommended to me by Mrs ID and I have since read a couple of blogs about it too. A Discovery of Witches. I hope that I can read this (rather large book) through December and finish it before January ( a little wishful thinking there).

Because Christmas will soon be upon us I will have some time off work and can settle into a little more knitting or reading. I like to get cosy in my lovely chair, and because its winter, wrapped up in a lovely blanket and book/kindle in hand nice and cosy looking out of the window and watching the world (well the little court) go about their business while I read. I also like to spend hours in the bath reading usually until I start shivering and I realise that the water has gone cold at which point Mr tells me I have been missing around 2 hours lost in the world of the book I am reading!
Do you have a favourite place to escape to while you read?

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  1. I've recently finished the full trilogy of the Discovery of Witches and it was really good. It was one of those books that I just didn't want to finish because I was going to miss the story. Wholeheartedly recommend it! Enjoy xx

  2. I completely agree that life is too short to read books you're not enjoying! There are plenty of books I just didn't enjoy, why take the chance and assume they're going to get better when you could just read something you enjoy straight from the beginning? Although I know a few of my friends disagree with this, they just can't leave something unfinished!

  3. I like to sit in my armchair and read/knit, too. Can't wait for the Christmas break. I quite happily give up on books I don't enjoy but I enjoy most books, which is a lucky I guess.

  4. Life is indeed to short to read books you don't enjoy, even if you desperately want to like them. Hope your reading choice in December is better! My favourite place to read is in bed. I read every night before I go to sleep for anything up to an hour, which may explain why I get so much reading done!

  5. I agree about not finishing books you can't get into. I let myself off the hook if I am not enjoying a book! I do love reading, though, and will read anywhere, if I am really enjoying my book I will carry it from room to room and read as I go! X

  6. It seems we are all in agreement about life being too short to spend it on books you're not enjoying, which is one reason I never joined a book group. On a writing course recently it was suggested we expand our reading habits as this would help with our writing, but as I said, at my age, I have long since given up doing things I don't enjoy, and that includes reading books I don't want to read.
    Favourite place to read? Snuggled in my chair with a snuggly throw, or in bed under the duvet. Well, not actually right Under it you know (like when you were a child with a torch, reading past lights out), just... oh you know what I mean!


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