Saturday, 1 November 2014

Challenge 2 - Lets take a spin

As part of my continued effort to improve certain aspects of my life and health I have taken on board the words of Shelley who wrote How I changed my life in 12 months.

My first challenge Kicking the Sugar habit, has gone reasonably well, as you would expect the first couple of days start great but then it gets harder. I have had stumbling blocks but picked myself back up. The last week of October I will admit I let things slip with it being half term and Halloween but that said I'm going to continue the effort to reduce the sugar intake. I have enjoyed the lovely sugar free cakes produced at my favourite tea room and the reduction of processed sugar in my life has meant that my skin is healthier and I've even lost a few lbs too. The biggest thing I have discovered is that I DON"T NEED SUGAR. so on to challenge two...

Challenge 2 - Lets go for a spin

If you visit Little House in the Corner regularly you will know that I bought a spinning wheel earlier this year and then for my birthday Mr. M sent me on a spinning course. Since then I have not realised much time for spinning. My second challenge is to spin more, but as a person who needs goals 'to spin more' is not specific enough and as Malcolm Gladwell highlights in Outliers (which I started reading this week), in order to be an expert in a specific area you need to achieve 10,000 hours practice. Well I certainly don't wish to be an expert on the subject, I just want to improve, and I most certainly don't have 10,000 hours available just for spinning practice. I intend to manage 10 hours spinning in November, this averages out at only 20 minutes per day. By which time I hope to achieve a more even yarn (My current product is very un even and un usable).

So there we have it challenge 2 is out. here we go, I shell keep you posted on my progress!


  1. Your own spinning wheel! Wow! What an amazing gift. You have done really well with your Sugar Challenge, congratulations. I succumbed to half a bag if peanut m&m's last night (hallowe'en) - my absolute favourite! Back on the straight and narrow today! X

    1. I do love my spinning wheel Penny, it's just so cute. Can't wait to get to spend some more time learning the art of spinning.
      I love peanuts but I'm afraid they make me quite poorly so I have to avoid them :( thanks for your lovely comments


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