Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Susan Crawford - Little Angel and Outliers

Knitting & reading kinda go hand in hand don't you think? although not at the same time for me as I'm not that good a knitter.

This week Is half term here and I have the week off work, while little lady is occupied playing with her friends outside or doing some crafts I have been able to do some knitting or reading. It is unseasonably warm outside for October, which means I'm managing to get the washing out on the line and little lady is able to play out without the restraints of hats, gloves and scarves.

I am not normally afforded that much knitting time so it is lovely to get a nice cuppa and get settled in the chair and just knit away with no worries about the time.


I am, amongst other projects, knitting a Susan Crawford pattern called 'Little Angel' in 6-9 months size. In a lovely shade or red (Colour chosen by my nieces mummy). I am using Stylecraft 4 ply as it has a lovely finish and is machine washable (very important when knitting for a baby).  Normally progress on such things are very slow however because I am off work I am able to crack on with it as well as any other WIP's I have. My niece is only 5 weeks old and I am knitting this delightful little jumper as a little Christmas gift for her.

So far the pattern is straightforward but I have never knitted anything like this before, I can see that it will get more complicated when I get to the yoke. I bought this pattern at Yarndale 2014 with the intention of knitting it as a gift for my Niece, so pleased that I am eventually knitting it.

Reading, yes I did mention reading didn't I? well this month I have read a couple of fiction books already so this week while I don't have the pressures of work I decided to read a non fiction book, inspired by a curious handmade's Helen who mentioned this book on her podcast a while back I have been reading 'Outliers' by Malcolm Gladwell. As someone who always strives to improve i have found (what little I have read) this book to be thought provoking and inspiring.

what are you knitting and reading? 

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  1. I can recommend audio books for your knitting time. It is easier than balancing a book on your knee whilst knitting away. I haven't knitted for a baby for ages. I am too old to have friends with babies and too young to have grand children. x
    P.S. I looked through your older post and discovered the Edinburgh Yarn Festival, thank you, cannae wait :) I have a simple step by step sock pattern on my blog (January) if you want to have a go at socks before the course in Spring.

    1. That's a great idea, thank you. I've tried audio books before and sometimes struggle with the narrator but I shall try it again.
      If you are going to Edinburgh yarn festival I will be there both days so please come and say hello, always lovely to meet people from blogs world and social media. I will check out the sock pattern. Thanks

  2. I learned so much from Outliers. Really amazing book! In fact I don't think I have ever read anything by Malcom Gladwell that I didn't find amazing!
    The red of that yarn is really beautiful, like pomegranate.

    1. It's a great book and I will certainly hunt out some other books now :)

  3. How lovely to have some time to just relax and get some knitting done - love that red shade, it's going to look so sweet on your little niece I'm sure. Enjoy the mild weather - seems it's going to get even better here tomorrow and Friday too, yay!
    Happy middle of the week and enjoy the rest of half-term,

  4. Edinburgh Yarn Festival sounds amazing, would love to go! Love that shade of red. I'm with Christina on Audio books,very handy when pottering and there's nothing interesting on the radio X

  5. My favorite thing right now is to listen to audio books while I knit....I find it annoying to have to stop knitting to turn the page on my kindle but the audiobook allows me to knit away for ages at a time. I must check out the Outlier book :)

  6. Red is such a fun color to knit with!


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