Friday, 31 October 2014

Crochet Zebra - Edwards Menagerie

I'm loving the WipCrackAway group on Ravelry, I'm getting all of my WIP's done eventually!

On a recent trip to the library visited the Library I spotted Edwards Menagerie. This surprised me as its a fairly new book and I know that these can sometimes take a while to filter through to the libraries. I first spotted the book on some blogs that I VISIT (I can't remember which ones) and instantly was drawn to its quirky designs and gorgeous animals. I took the book on loan from the library knowing that I wanted to make 'Alice Zebra' for my baby niece. Baby S does appear to popping up in my blog over the last couple of weeks. 

I started the Zebra at the end of August and it soon became a part of the WIP basket, its incredibly hard to work with black yarn in un natural light! The books loan period expired before I got to finish the zebra, excellent excuse to purchase my very own copy. I bought my copy from Amazon UK and it was a reasonable price too. 

Eventually I finished the zebra on Sunday (26th October 2014) the day before my adorable niece came to stay for a few days from Scotland. She is only 5 weeks old, I had forgotten how very small babies are, so the zebra although quite small in my hands looks rather large next to baby S. 


As for the book, I think the fact I ordered my own copy tells you that I love it. The book is exceptionally well designed with all the animals made up of variations of standard patterns which are set out at the start of the book, each animal obviously has variations on these standard parts. Three levels of animals to make meaning that there is something for all abilities in crochet. There is also a choice of 4 sizes to make, depending on the weight of yarn and hook size used. I used DK yarn. If I had been motivated enough and the light in my house been better then I could have had the little zebra finished in a weekend easy. If you love crochet animals then I certainly would recommend this book, I will certainly make more of the cute little animals from it. 

I used Patons DK Smoothie yarn in Black and White and a 4mm hook. I had so much yarn left from each ball I think that I could make another 1 or 2 zebra's so you could use ball ends if you don't want to buy yarn for it. (full details on my Ravelry page)

Today is Halloween and until we moved to the village it was never a big thing, however in the little court we live all the houses get decorated, the children get dressed up and go trick or treating. Little lady has asked if she can have a Halloween tea party so she has her two best friends coming over at tea time and they are going to decorate some cake pops (Halloween ones obviously) before they go trick or treating. I have to get the house decorated up. I'm sure pictures will appear over on my Instagram feed if you follow me.

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