Wednesday, 22 October 2014

A Great Knitting Group & Wip Crack Away

This weekend (just passed) was the monthly knitting group meet up which is known as the 'Social Knitwork'. It was only the second meeting but still was great to meet up with new people, hopefully over the coming months more new people will join us. I have spoken before about Social Knitwork which is held in the local tearoom, now I LOVE Axholme Licensed Tearoom for several reasons, the first being the two owners are simply lovely and I really don't know how they fit everything in with a new born baby who is often at the tearoom for the customers to swoon over. second is that Jules the owner makes the most amazing cakes. Jules was aware of my current challenge, So she made a totally lush Sugar free Marmalade cake (follow the link to get the receipt Jules so kindly shared) , it was so nice I brought some home with me as well (Thanks Jules),and finally Mike (Jules partner in crime) makes/brews (I'm not sure on the technical term) the beer that they sell in their very own micro brewery. mmmmmm Axholme Beer. Great Tearoom right? Towards the end of the group Mr.M came along with little lady to have a swift pint and piece of cake and little lady brought her knitting along to join in with the rest of the group, It makes my heart leap with joy seeing my gorgeous little lady sitting with everyone knitting along. Such a proud mummy I am.

Little Lady with her Knitting

So any way as usual I have completely gone of track there, I have a few WIP's on the go all part of the WipCrackAway KAL over at Ravelry so, even though I am itching to start several new projects I took one of my WIP's. I chose the crochet zebra that I am working on for my beautiful Niece. I really need to get a move on with this as she is coming to visit all the way from Dundee next week. So while I was at the Social Knitwork I managed to complete the head, make two ears and make the tale. All body parts complete I started work on the mane which was a little trickier than it looked but fingers crossed I will get there and she will be finished just in time!

The Best Knitting group Ever!

Another long term project I have which I am working on as part of the WipCrackAway is my first every knitting project, knitted squares (that's where we all start right? or a scarf?) these have bee a royal pain in the derrière. I have slowly been blocking the squares and pressing them over the last couple of weeks. Once done they have been put in a little pile until all the others sorted. Now they are all done, I have decided the lay out which took ages to do. I wanted it to be a bigger blanket than it is but the yarn is now discontinued and I have been unable to find any of my colour ways available so settled on a smaller blanket. I have now started the process of sewing the squares together. I will write more about the history of the blanket when it is actually fished off. For now I am learning a new skill which is sewing together knitted squares!

Not the Best Picture.
Lay out decided.
I feel a few Finished Objects (FO's) coming up soon! whoop whoop.

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  1. That is such a sweet picture of that little cutie and her knitting!
    I wish I lived anywhere near other people! It would be lovely to knit and chat and drink beer! It sounds like such a nice time!


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