Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Social Knitwork begins

September sees the start of the new knit (crochet) and natter in the lovely village where I live.

I shall start at the beginning to save confusion. In June a new Tearoom opened in the Village called Axholme Licensed tearoom. The tearoom is quite unique and very quirky, which has a certain draw for me. The owners Mike & Jules brew their own Ale and Jules makes some of the most amazing cakes. This is made even more special by the fact that they have a 3 week old baby boy, who is such a handsome little fellow and I had the pleasure of some lovely cuddles this weekend. They also serve tea and some lovely food too.

They initially approached Mrs. ID (my best friend) about holding a knit and natter in their tearoom since they are trying to attract local groups and have a great interest in the arts and craft movement. Mrs. ID and I had a chat about it as we have had on many occasions previously and decided that it would be a great idea but it would need to be a weekend so to be accessible to those that work. Social Knitwork was born. The name given to us by Mike the owner of the tearoom.

Our first get together is on the 21st September, There is no charge, Tea is provided and its a great opportunity to treat yourself to some of Jules fab cakes. Jules bakes a range of beautiful cakes which include gluten free, egg free & vegan cakes.

If you are in the area or live local why not join us, or if you cannot join us in person join in the chatter on facebook or twitter. We would love you to join in the virtual knit and natter if you cannot be there in person. You can also follow Axholme Tearoom on Twitter where you can see the lovely cakes that they make!

I shall keep you posted on how the Social Knitwork gets on.


  1. I'd love to come Shelley but South Africa is a bit too far to travel! x


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