Sunday, 10 August 2014

The Weekend Goes so Quickly


Here we are again, Monday! how does it come round so fast? Its just not fair!

Ive had such a lovely weekend that I just didn't want it to end. So what have I been up to? A lovely visit to york with the girls & a nice relaxing Sunday.

Our trip to York was just a lovely day, the weather turned out far better than expected, warm and sunny with a little bit of a cool breeze. We enjoyed a visit to Dutton's for Buttons in which little lady started her very own button collection and Mrs ID and I added to our Brigantia Yarn collection ( I say collection because neither of us needed any). Who knew Dutton's for Buttons would have yarn! We did a little charity shop shopping in which little lady found an utter bargain. Mouse trap for £3.00. A quick pit stop for Tea and then on to the Disney store where Mrs ID treated little lady to a lovely straw hat and we ended our trip to your with a visit to a lovely little quirky yarn shop on the shambles called Ramshambles where I purchased some fibre and some amazing little needle stoppers that look like jelly babies.

Such a quirky little shop.
Love these little guys
only £5.99 for the box!
My weekend purchases!
Brigantia & Fibre

Then of course Saturday evening I sat and crocheted the baby blanket that I am working on and of course had a glass of wine.

Sunday well Sunday was quite literally a wash out with rain on and off all day which most definitely required indoors activities such as baking, game playing and of course knitting.

Yummy Yummy get in my Tummy!
Oh they did!

I had some very ripe bananas that were ready for the bin but I hate waste so I made a batch of Banana and white chocolate brownies. They didn't make it to the end of the day!

I did a little crochet but I was conscious that I have not picked up the socks I am knitting in a while so I worked on them for a little while (getting myself all confused with the pattern and dropping stitches all over the place) . As my knee was very swollen from yesterdays walking I put my feet up and had a lovely relaxing day. We was very pleased for the previous days bargain of Mouse trap which Mr. M set up and then set to playing with the little lady. She is really chuffed with her new game & its so nice to see her play a board game rather than sat on the iPad or playing games on the DS.

So the weekend has whizzed by in a flash and here I am on Sunday night thinking about the busy week I have ahead of me but looking forward to lots of crafting, family & friends.

For this weekend I thank my lovely little lady who even though she is only 7 seemed so grown up on Saturday, Mrs. ID for being an amazing friend and making our Saturday such a special day and of course MR. M for letting me put my feet up and rest my Knee. Thank you.

I will be back later in the week with my WIP's and hopefully (I can dream) an FO.

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Have a great week & thanks for stopping by Little house in the Corner.


  1. It sure was a great day! Little lady was a pleasure to be with and was a proper grown up little lady who was enjoying her day out x

  2. York is always a lovely place for a day out :). Sounds like you had fun, hope your knee is less swollen after it's rest :)

  3. Hi there! It's Shay from Mirabel & Me! Thanks for inviting me to your blog! I look forward to following your journey! Hugs!

  4. We visited that shop last year when on holiday in Yorkshire, it was lovely!


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