Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Chelsea Waistcoat

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Ive been rather productive on the knitting/crochet front over the last few days, I think it has something to do with the little lady being in Devon on holiday with my mum. Leaving Mr M and I at home alone not knowing what to do. It all seems like a lovely idea being child free for an entire week but the reality is that as the second day set in the house was to quite and we missed her a great deal. We did however enjoy a lazy sunday filled with watching films and generally chilling out, Mr M reading his book and me enjoying some knitting time. We are on count down to Friday night when she returns home!

Any way on Sunday I managed to cast on the Purl Alpaca Designs Chelsea Waistcoat. I bought the pattern at Woolfest but I did not buy the recommended yarn as it was a little out of my budget. After some research and advise from my friend and Jess over at Ginger Twist Studios I settled on using Brigantia Aran. The added bonus is that it is a British produced yarn. I ordered my yarn and put this garment in my queue to start on next. As eager as I was to start it as soon as the yarn landed through the letterbox I was good and finished (just about, I've still got ends to sew in and blocking to do) the crochet blanket I have been working on. I do still have the socks on going but we wont even talk about them (sore subject)!

So here we are ...

As you can see I upgraded the colour slightly. As much as I loved the colour on the pattern I'm not really a grey girl. To be honest I'm usually more of a purple/red kinda person but I am being brave in my colour choices of late (lets see how long that lasts)!

I will update my ravelry page with all the details so feel free to pop over and take a look there. This pattern so far is fairly easy although the increase took me a while to get to grips with so that there is no little hole but Ive got it now. I'm loving the yarn its just a delight to work with and the colour is just lovely. I would like to get this finished quickly as I can see it being a lovely winter garment. This is also the first adult garment that I have made.

Today I'm joining in with A Yarn Along and WIP Wednesday. If you would like to follow my progress you can follow me via Bloglovin or also on my ravelry page.


  1. I like the color choice, I think it goes very nicely with that pattern :)

  2. It's strange how you look forward to a but of peace and quiet and then you end up counting the time until the little one comes back he he.

    The pattern you are trying looks lovely, and go you for being adventurous with your colours! I love the shade you have picked!x


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