Sunday, 3 August 2014

July 2014

Hello you lovely lot

Well July has been and gone and I am sad to say goodbye to July. The weather has mostly been delightful, Both little lady and I had our birthdays and the month in general has been filled with very happy moments.

I decided a couple of weeks ago that my cast on, cast off feature will be a monthly thing rather than a weekly. SO I shall start with that in my review of July:

Cast on:

I cast on my first pair of socks using DPN's, a bear which I bought as a kit, the Rosebud cardigan and a crochet baby blanket. I have resisted casting on more things! I did cast on a knitted baby blanket but after a day i ripped it out, I liked the pattern but the yarn and pattern did not suit each other so I switched this to a crochet blanket instead although I don't think that I have enough yarn for this blanket!

Cast off:

I have cast of the bear, although it is not finished! I need to sort out his eyes. I'm not happy with him as my finishing skills are very limited!

The ears were a little complicated for me and only got done thanks to the assistance of Mrs ID! (thank you!) I am going to make him again but try and stitch him together much better next time.

I also cast of the Ammolite cowl which I loved! it has now been blocked and the ends sewn in.

The wool was a delight to use and the pattern well written and easy to follow. I would knit another one of these in another colour.

This is it for my cast off's!

Currently on the Needles/ Hooks:

I have the Mr's Socks which I love that I am using DPN's. I wrote about the Socks earlier this month. These will most certainly be a long term project for me! I will keep you posted on the progress of the socks as there has not been much since my last post.

I also have a crochet blanket. I will try and write a post about this later in the week. I did start knitting a blanket with the patons smoothie yarn but the yarn and the pattern just didn't match so i ripped it out and found a nice crochet pattern to do instead.
It is a while since I have picked up my hook and I remembered how much I loved crochet and how quick it is compared to knitting too. I have a bit of a time limit on this one since the baby I am making it for is due in September!

I also cast on the Rosebud Cardigan at the end go June but I ripped it out in July, I liked the pattern but the yarn was very cheap 4 ply and i didn't like the way it squeaked on my needles as I knot with it and how the cardigan felt when it was knit up so I decided not to continue with it.

so that is a quick review of this months activity.

Also here at Little House in the Corner I have started a new adventure that i would like to share with you over the next few weeks!
A few month back I purchased a beautiful spinning wheel …

This little westbury wheel is such a cute little wheel. For my birthday Mr sent me on a day spinning course which i really enjoyed learning the full process from cleaning the wool to spinning and plying. I do need lots of practise to improve and I hope to share this adventure with you. I ordered a lazy Kate this weekend which it hope will arrive this week so I can get more practise in. My first yarn was as you would expect a little uneven but I will treasure it forever!

I hope you would like to join me on my spinning journey. If so you can follow me on bloglovin I would love to share my adventure with you!

I think that is about it for me today but I do certainly hope to share more with you this week.



  1. Hi Shelley - I'm so jealous that you have such an adorable spinning wheel!!! I've always had this vision of me sitting in a long floaty skirt with my hair tumbling over my shoulders (my hair is very short and has NEVER tumbled anywhere) spinning away with some dreamy music playing in the background, the sun shining outside ....... sigh....Perhaps in another life! I will definitely be following your spinning adventures so keep the posts coming cos i want to hear it all!!! Much love always, xxx

  2. The cowl you have knitted is a gorgeous pattern and I love the colour of the yarn, beautiful. I found the Ultimate Knitting Bible by Sharon Brant a great resource for finishing off/sewing up. It is an expensive book so maybe you could look in the library to see if it would work for you? I love your spinning wheel, I would love to have a have reminded me that I have a raw fleece waiting for attention in my garage!

    1. Thank you for the book advise, I will have a look for it.


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