Monday, 25 August 2014

In the Garden

Hello Lovlies,

At the Little House in the corner we have been busy in our modest little vegetable garden this weekend. We only have a small back garden but it is big enough to allow the little lady space to play and provide us with a small vegetable patch. This year it has been very neglected. I didn't finish my studies until the end of June meaning that planting season had mostly passed. Our little veg patch had not been attended to at all until early June when Mr. M and Lil lady decided to tidy it and do some planting.

They planted carrots, onions, cucumbers, sunflowers, peppers and pumpkins. Of course we have strawberries, rhubarb and raspberries that grow every year and this year they have been in abundance. The peppers were swiftly eaten by the slugs (an on going battle) but everything else has survived.

Again once things had been planted we pretty much left the poor little things to fend for themselves and all of  sudden we realised that our little veg patch had turned into a jungle (who knows what we might find in there).

It was the lovely podcaster A Playful Day that re focused my mind on our little garden. She spoke about having her own little area to grow and also a worm compositor (more on that later), she reminded me of my own little garden and how I had forgotten about it. So waiting for a gap in the weather (oh hasn't it turned so cold?!) I put on my scruffs and headed out to the garden on Sunday. I got stuck into weeding and urning over the veg beds, pulling out all the dead plants and surprisingly harvesting some lovely vegetables …

Now that the veg beds have been cleared it is easier to see what is left, we still have more cucumbers to come, Rhubarb is still sprouting and lots of carrots still to come. Sadly it doesn't look like we will see any pumpkins this year I think the local wildlife keep stealing the fruit once it appears! Our Garden is looking a lot rider now though …

The garden is not completely clear, I had to stop as we filled up the garden waste bin, I still have all the pots to clear down and a coupe of beds to de-weed and turnover.

As mentioned earlier A Playful Day talked about a little compost wormery, this reminded me that before we moved house nearly four years avow we had our very own wormery which for a while produced some lovely compost but something went wrong, then we moved and swiftly forgot about it. We have now re instated the wormery in the garden and it is up and running, with only a couple hundred worms we are only feeding them once a week at the minute until they settle in but this has already reduced the amount of waste that goes into our bin and I am looking forward to next year when we can have some lovely compost for the garden.

Currently the Can-O-Worm is sat in our back garden but soon we will move it into the garage for the winter where they will be sheltered from the cold weather and protected from the local wildlife.

I had forgotten how much I like to be in the garden, especially harvesting the lovely produce that comes from the garden.

I will hopefully share with you some of the output from the harvest this weekend over the next few days & weeks. To Keep up to date with my blog you can follow me on bloglovin and visit me on Ravelry to keep up to date on my yarn adventures I am All4meggymoo.

Thanks for visiting us here today and I hope you will visit again.


  1. Lovely post Shelley! Your garden is gorgeous and made me feel very guilty about my own! I might have to get my two boys out back this weekend for a bit of tidy up (for the garden I mean, not them!)..... xxx

  2. Your garden is lovely :). They are hard work but usually worth it!


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