Monday, 25 August 2014

In the Garden

Hello Lovlies,

At the Little House in the corner we have been busy in our modest little vegetable garden this weekend. We only have a small back garden but it is big enough to allow the little lady space to play and provide us with a small vegetable patch. This year it has been very neglected. I didn't finish my studies until the end of June meaning that planting season had mostly passed. Our little veg patch had not been attended to at all until early June when Mr. M and Lil lady decided to tidy it and do some planting.

They planted carrots, onions, cucumbers, sunflowers, peppers and pumpkins. Of course we have strawberries, rhubarb and raspberries that grow every year and this year they have been in abundance. The peppers were swiftly eaten by the slugs (an on going battle) but everything else has survived.

Again once things had been planted we pretty much left the poor little things to fend for themselves and all of  sudden we realised that our little veg patch had turned into a jungle (who knows what we might find in there).

It was the lovely podcaster A Playful Day that re focused my mind on our little garden. She spoke about having her own little area to grow and also a worm compositor (more on that later), she reminded me of my own little garden and how I had forgotten about it. So waiting for a gap in the weather (oh hasn't it turned so cold?!) I put on my scruffs and headed out to the garden on Sunday. I got stuck into weeding and urning over the veg beds, pulling out all the dead plants and surprisingly harvesting some lovely vegetables …

Now that the veg beds have been cleared it is easier to see what is left, we still have more cucumbers to come, Rhubarb is still sprouting and lots of carrots still to come. Sadly it doesn't look like we will see any pumpkins this year I think the local wildlife keep stealing the fruit once it appears! Our Garden is looking a lot rider now though …

The garden is not completely clear, I had to stop as we filled up the garden waste bin, I still have all the pots to clear down and a coupe of beds to de-weed and turnover.

As mentioned earlier A Playful Day talked about a little compost wormery, this reminded me that before we moved house nearly four years avow we had our very own wormery which for a while produced some lovely compost but something went wrong, then we moved and swiftly forgot about it. We have now re instated the wormery in the garden and it is up and running, with only a couple hundred worms we are only feeding them once a week at the minute until they settle in but this has already reduced the amount of waste that goes into our bin and I am looking forward to next year when we can have some lovely compost for the garden.

Currently the Can-O-Worm is sat in our back garden but soon we will move it into the garage for the winter where they will be sheltered from the cold weather and protected from the local wildlife.

I had forgotten how much I like to be in the garden, especially harvesting the lovely produce that comes from the garden.

I will hopefully share with you some of the output from the harvest this weekend over the next few days & weeks. To Keep up to date with my blog you can follow me on bloglovin and visit me on Ravelry to keep up to date on my yarn adventures I am All4meggymoo.

Thanks for visiting us here today and I hope you will visit again.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Chelsea Waistcoat

Thanks for popping by the Little House in the Corner,

Ive been rather productive on the knitting/crochet front over the last few days, I think it has something to do with the little lady being in Devon on holiday with my mum. Leaving Mr M and I at home alone not knowing what to do. It all seems like a lovely idea being child free for an entire week but the reality is that as the second day set in the house was to quite and we missed her a great deal. We did however enjoy a lazy sunday filled with watching films and generally chilling out, Mr M reading his book and me enjoying some knitting time. We are on count down to Friday night when she returns home!

Any way on Sunday I managed to cast on the Purl Alpaca Designs Chelsea Waistcoat. I bought the pattern at Woolfest but I did not buy the recommended yarn as it was a little out of my budget. After some research and advise from my friend and Jess over at Ginger Twist Studios I settled on using Brigantia Aran. The added bonus is that it is a British produced yarn. I ordered my yarn and put this garment in my queue to start on next. As eager as I was to start it as soon as the yarn landed through the letterbox I was good and finished (just about, I've still got ends to sew in and blocking to do) the crochet blanket I have been working on. I do still have the socks on going but we wont even talk about them (sore subject)!

So here we are ...

As you can see I upgraded the colour slightly. As much as I loved the colour on the pattern I'm not really a grey girl. To be honest I'm usually more of a purple/red kinda person but I am being brave in my colour choices of late (lets see how long that lasts)!

I will update my ravelry page with all the details so feel free to pop over and take a look there. This pattern so far is fairly easy although the increase took me a while to get to grips with so that there is no little hole but Ive got it now. I'm loving the yarn its just a delight to work with and the colour is just lovely. I would like to get this finished quickly as I can see it being a lovely winter garment. This is also the first adult garment that I have made.

Today I'm joining in with A Yarn Along and WIP Wednesday. If you would like to follow my progress you can follow me via Bloglovin or also on my ravelry page.

Monday, 18 August 2014

A Modern Woman's Dilemma

Now this is not normally something I would talk about in this space but it has become a rather important subject in my life lately. Let me explain from the beginning.

So of late I have struggled to keep up with work & home life and the strain has become to much to the point where I feel I am not performing to the best of my ability at work, I am not being a great mother or a wife. In fact I have felt rather inadequate in everything that I do.

So for those of you who do not know what I do I work in Marketing which is often more than a full time job, to make it worse I work in an industry which is mostly male dominated. I feel that I often have to work twice as hard to prove my worth. I commute for an hour and half each day which does stretch the day out. This often leads to little time at home, a messy looking house and very little quality time with the Mr and little lady. Because of this things have suffered and I don't feel I have put in the effort with the things I love to do which includes spending time with my family, creating and of course my blogs have suffered (I also write a marketing blog to keep a log of my work progress). This week I was close to deleting both of my blogs.

Instead I ended up having a good chat with Mrs ID who helped me understand my thought process. I am basically trying to be too many things to too many people really. I have worked hard to get where I am in my career recently finishing my second Chartered Institute of Marketing qualification and I have always been very career focused. I also try to be a wife, a mother, a friend and many other things. Ive tried to fit all the thing in that a full time mum does at the same time as trying to develop a career, along with trying to keep up with my friends that have more time than me. This is the dilemma most working women in today's society suffer what is important a career or being a wife & a mum.

The modern woman's dilemma, try to be the traditional creative, stay at home mummy or the career woman that has to compete with men to prove they are capable of the same things.

It makes me angry that I am expected (yes expected) to be so many things, so from now on I am me, I don't care what people think of me. I will work hard at work and when I am at home I will enjoy my family and hobbies. I only have so many hours in a day and I need to lower my expectations of what I can fit into that day! I cannot compete with you & I do not wish to!

So my blog from this day will reflect me, the activities I partake in and the life I lead. I would be very happy if you would like to join me on this journey to becoming a happier individual and letting go of what others expect of me.

Thanks for visiting me at the Little House in the Corner and reading my very personal message, hope you will call again soon.


Sunday, 10 August 2014

The Weekend Goes so Quickly


Here we are again, Monday! how does it come round so fast? Its just not fair!

Ive had such a lovely weekend that I just didn't want it to end. So what have I been up to? A lovely visit to york with the girls & a nice relaxing Sunday.

Our trip to York was just a lovely day, the weather turned out far better than expected, warm and sunny with a little bit of a cool breeze. We enjoyed a visit to Dutton's for Buttons in which little lady started her very own button collection and Mrs ID and I added to our Brigantia Yarn collection ( I say collection because neither of us needed any). Who knew Dutton's for Buttons would have yarn! We did a little charity shop shopping in which little lady found an utter bargain. Mouse trap for £3.00. A quick pit stop for Tea and then on to the Disney store where Mrs ID treated little lady to a lovely straw hat and we ended our trip to your with a visit to a lovely little quirky yarn shop on the shambles called Ramshambles where I purchased some fibre and some amazing little needle stoppers that look like jelly babies.

Such a quirky little shop.
Love these little guys
only £5.99 for the box!
My weekend purchases!
Brigantia & Fibre

Then of course Saturday evening I sat and crocheted the baby blanket that I am working on and of course had a glass of wine.

Sunday well Sunday was quite literally a wash out with rain on and off all day which most definitely required indoors activities such as baking, game playing and of course knitting.

Yummy Yummy get in my Tummy!
Oh they did!

I had some very ripe bananas that were ready for the bin but I hate waste so I made a batch of Banana and white chocolate brownies. They didn't make it to the end of the day!

I did a little crochet but I was conscious that I have not picked up the socks I am knitting in a while so I worked on them for a little while (getting myself all confused with the pattern and dropping stitches all over the place) . As my knee was very swollen from yesterdays walking I put my feet up and had a lovely relaxing day. We was very pleased for the previous days bargain of Mouse trap which Mr. M set up and then set to playing with the little lady. She is really chuffed with her new game & its so nice to see her play a board game rather than sat on the iPad or playing games on the DS.

So the weekend has whizzed by in a flash and here I am on Sunday night thinking about the busy week I have ahead of me but looking forward to lots of crafting, family & friends.

For this weekend I thank my lovely little lady who even though she is only 7 seemed so grown up on Saturday, Mrs. ID for being an amazing friend and making our Saturday such a special day and of course MR. M for letting me put my feet up and rest my Knee. Thank you.

I will be back later in the week with my WIP's and hopefully (I can dream) an FO.

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Have a great week & thanks for stopping by Little house in the Corner.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Ammolite Cowl Finished

Hello again,

Thanks for your visit again. I have written about this beautiful Ammolite cowl previously here and here. I have eventually finished this project, all ends sewn in and it has been blocked…

Ive loved everything about knitting this cowl. The pattern, the yarn and the process. 

I used 100 British yarn produced at Coldharbour Mill in Uffculme. I bought three skeins as the ball bands did not include a yarn length which was a little disappointing. As it turned out I only used two skeins so I have one left to make a hat or gloves (not decided as yet).

The Pattern was a Tin Can Knits pattern (don't you just love their patterns, I listend to a wonderful interview with one half of tin can knits and fell in love with them even more, I think it was on the Knit British podcast but I cant remeber) from Pom Pom quarterly magazine and it was my first attempt at cable knitting. The only thing I regret is knitting the bigger size. The cowl is a little to big for me but at least it will fit over my jacket in the cold winter days.

I have updated my ravelry page with the details if you would like to take a look. Also please remember you can follow my blog through bloglovin.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Crochet Baby Blanket

Hello Again,

Thanks for popping by the little house on the corner.

Today I would like to share the baby blanket I am working on with you. I started out knitting a blanket but as I mentioned in my last post it just didn't work out.

The blanket that I am working on is called Daisy Daisy…

I am using a 4mm hook and Patons Smoothie DK yarn in Cream (although it does look white in this picture). I find this yarn very difficult to work with as it twists so much, however considering that it is 100% Acrylic it does produce a beautiful looking and feeling fabric.

I started work on the blanket on the 28th July and as I don't often get a great deal of time to craft I think this has worked up so quickly. It has been a while since I have thrown myself into a crochet project and had totally forgotten how quick a treble stitch it.

The pattern its self I have had a while now and came from a magazine. I have updated my Raverly page with all the details as well.

I will keep you up to date on my progress but I hope to be finished in the next couple of weeks since there is a deadline and I have to post it up to Dundee! (I must resist the urge to be distracted by other projects)

I'm joining in with Ginny's Yarn Along today. You can also follow my blog via Bloglovin

Sunday, 3 August 2014

July 2014

Hello you lovely lot

Well July has been and gone and I am sad to say goodbye to July. The weather has mostly been delightful, Both little lady and I had our birthdays and the month in general has been filled with very happy moments.

I decided a couple of weeks ago that my cast on, cast off feature will be a monthly thing rather than a weekly. SO I shall start with that in my review of July:

Cast on:

I cast on my first pair of socks using DPN's, a bear which I bought as a kit, the Rosebud cardigan and a crochet baby blanket. I have resisted casting on more things! I did cast on a knitted baby blanket but after a day i ripped it out, I liked the pattern but the yarn and pattern did not suit each other so I switched this to a crochet blanket instead although I don't think that I have enough yarn for this blanket!

Cast off:

I have cast of the bear, although it is not finished! I need to sort out his eyes. I'm not happy with him as my finishing skills are very limited!

The ears were a little complicated for me and only got done thanks to the assistance of Mrs ID! (thank you!) I am going to make him again but try and stitch him together much better next time.

I also cast of the Ammolite cowl which I loved! it has now been blocked and the ends sewn in.

The wool was a delight to use and the pattern well written and easy to follow. I would knit another one of these in another colour.

This is it for my cast off's!

Currently on the Needles/ Hooks:

I have the Mr's Socks which I love that I am using DPN's. I wrote about the Socks earlier this month. These will most certainly be a long term project for me! I will keep you posted on the progress of the socks as there has not been much since my last post.

I also have a crochet blanket. I will try and write a post about this later in the week. I did start knitting a blanket with the patons smoothie yarn but the yarn and the pattern just didn't match so i ripped it out and found a nice crochet pattern to do instead.
It is a while since I have picked up my hook and I remembered how much I loved crochet and how quick it is compared to knitting too. I have a bit of a time limit on this one since the baby I am making it for is due in September!

I also cast on the Rosebud Cardigan at the end go June but I ripped it out in July, I liked the pattern but the yarn was very cheap 4 ply and i didn't like the way it squeaked on my needles as I knot with it and how the cardigan felt when it was knit up so I decided not to continue with it.

so that is a quick review of this months activity.

Also here at Little House in the Corner I have started a new adventure that i would like to share with you over the next few weeks!
A few month back I purchased a beautiful spinning wheel …

This little westbury wheel is such a cute little wheel. For my birthday Mr sent me on a day spinning course which i really enjoyed learning the full process from cleaning the wool to spinning and plying. I do need lots of practise to improve and I hope to share this adventure with you. I ordered a lazy Kate this weekend which it hope will arrive this week so I can get more practise in. My first yarn was as you would expect a little uneven but I will treasure it forever!

I hope you would like to join me on my spinning journey. If so you can follow me on bloglovin I would love to share my adventure with you!

I think that is about it for me today but I do certainly hope to share more with you this week.