Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Ammolite Cowl by Tincanknits

Hello Lovelies.

I wrote on Monday about my 'On the Needles' projects. I mentioned about a cowl that I am knitting.
This week I have been updating all my projects on Ravelry (why not pop over and friend me on there) so you can see how I progress on there with all my projects.

Any way The Ammolite Cowl is a pattern from Pom Pom quarterly and is a Tincanknits pattern. Any one who knows me, knows that I have not been knitting for very long (around 18 months) and I usually favour crochet over knitting so for me this project (even though its a small project) is a big deal as it involves cable knitting. I have to say the pattern is easy to follow and also knits up quite quickly.

I am also using a British yarn to knit this project up, which is a bonus since I have recently discovered the Knit British podcast (more on that later). I purchased the yarn from Coldharbour Mill in Devon, where it was hand spun and dyed. Its a beautiful Maroon coloured aran yarn that seems to be slightly glossy, its a total joy to knit with & next time we visit Devon I will purchase more of this yarn! The mill is a working museum and is such a lovely place, I am very lucky that the Mr's Aunt lives 5 minutes walk away from the mill so I can pop round whenever we visit! The only issue I have with this yarn is there is no yardage details on the band so I bought 3 skeins to make sure I had enough (it is looking like I will have 1 skein left, possible skein swap on this in the future).

So all in all I love the pattern and I love the yarn, it is a shame that it is summer as I know I will want to wear the cowl as soon as it is done! I do love Tincanknits patterns and I can see many more being knitted by lil old me!

Well a little earlier I mentioned the Knit British podcast, this is something which my friend mentioned to me. I wasn't aware that the yarn/knitting world was podcasting. I have to say I am now listening to a few podcasts and just love Louise over at Knit British and I love her ethos. I had never really considered where the yarn I use comes from until I listened to her podcasts and now find myself researching where the fibre has come from, where the yarn is dyed and where it has been spun. I'm very impressed at how vast the British yarn market it and the choice available. I will certainly be more conscious of the yarn I use and purchase more British yarn. If you want to find out more about Louise at Knit British, pop over and view her blog she is very welcoming and lovely.

Any way I hope you enjoyed learning about my Ammolite Cowl knit and thank you for popping by to read my blog.

Take care

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  1. Looks beautiful so far! I love that rich berry color.


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