Monday, 10 March 2014

Two Finished Blankets

I have been meaning to show you two finished items for a few weeks now but as usual time just runs away with me!

The first blanket is one that has previously been seen on my blog & has had extensive coverage on instagram! This is my first knitted blanket. My friend is having a baby boy (any day soon) and I wanted to finish the blanket before the baby shower in mid February and I was happy to finish it at the end of January.

The blanket was gratefully received by the new owner and I simply can't wait to see the little baby wrapped up all warm and snug in it.

The Second is a blanket that I have been working on for around 18 months (a little to long). Again this is not a blanket for me, I have made this for a friend who lives down in the south of the country and has recently purchased her first home. I was pleased to eventually finish it and the new owner was very pleased to receive it too!

What do you think? you've just got to love a ripple blanket. It is so snug and warm I was reluctant to wrap it up and hand it over to the postman. I think I will have to make a ripple blanket for me!

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  1. Your blankets are all looking lovely, and now you need to make one for yourself!!x


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