Saturday, 8 March 2014

A Knitting Lesson

Today has been very cold and breezy, so not quite out doorsy weather just yet. I have spent a lovely afternoon with my little lady, teaching her to knit.

For Christmas my lovely friend ID & her hubby bought little lady some chunky knitting needles and chunky yarn so that she could learn to knit & today was the day …

The little lady took to it really well. I have to say I thought that she may be a little too young to start but I am very happy to be proved wrong on this occasion!

As you would expect there was many mistakes and we had to unpick the work a few times but in the end she got the hang of it.

A good hour or maybe two and a few tears later little lady got well into the knitting and is now confident that she will be making scarves for the entire family!!

Not bad for an afternoons knitting hey?

I think Mr. M will be feeling well out numbered now with both little lady and me knitting of an evening. I look forward to little lady joining in the girly knit nights when ID comes over for a knit & natter.

I shall keep you up to date on how the little lady's scarf progresses.


  1. Oh this is lovely! And I really like the yarn she is colourful and happy! Poor Mr. M!

  2. Well done!! The scarf is looking brilliant! Will have to celebrate with some pink milk x


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